Information to all participating teams in Scania Cup 2011


We are very glad that you have decided to participate in our tournament.


You are very welcome to S??dert??lje and we will do our best to make your time with us enjoyable. In this letter you will find information about all aspects of the tournament. We have tried to make it as complete as possible. If you think we have missed something, you are of course very welcome to contact us whenever you want. As you will see below there is also some information we need from you.

We do not have plenty of time to prepare for the tournament and we should be very grateful if you can send us the information very soon and at the latest on the requested date, the 31st of March.


Please fill in everything on the forms and send it to:

e-mail: and



In Scania Cup 2011 there will be 144 teams participating. The teams are coming from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.



It is very important for our planning to know when and how the teams will arrive to S??dert??lje.



We need to know the date and time of your departure. Plan your departure so it will not interfere with the final game in your age group.



Enclosed you will find the schedule for the tournament (one sheet per group). If there should be any changes from the schedule all the teams involved will be informed.

The timetables for the buses will be put into the final schedule in the tournament program you will get on arrival



We will make a tournament program with all essential information and therefore we need all information (uniform number/name/height) requested on the form. At arrival/checking in all coaches, players and referees will receive a tournament book.


Game rules

  • All games are played 4x8 minutes effective time.
  • The clock will be stopped the last 2 minutes in the fourth quarter, if a basket is made (regular Fiba rules)
  • In gyms with no shotclock the rerferee will call out the remaning time

??         Overtime periods are 3 minutes

??         Zone defence is only permitted in the age groups 93-94, 95 and 96.

??         In age groups 97 and 98 zone pressure is allowed on the frontcourt. Halfcourt defence must be man to man.

??         Ball size 5 for boys and girls born 99.

??         Ball size 6 for boys born 97 and 98 and all girls groups except born 99.

??         Ball size 7 for boys born 93-94, 95 and 96.

Each team is expected to bring their own balls for warming up. In the gym there will be just one game ball


Club representation

All teams are only allowed to use players who by 31st of January, have the right to represent the team/club in the national championshipseries (in the same age group in which the team intends to participate in the Scania Cup). If the team does not participate in the nationalchampionships it can only use players who by the 31st of January 2011 did play for the club or its farm club in the ordinary series.



Each team shall bring two sets of uniforms with different colours (one light and one dark)

The team which stands as the home team in the schedule will use a light uniform and the other team will use a dark.



With more than 400 games to play we have to make a lot of different efforts to get competent table officials at all games. If your team will bring persons who are good table officials and are willing to help out, please send us information, so we can contact them.



There will be a jury in each group that is responsible for picking the all-star team and Queen/King.



The address to Scania Cup homepage is Please let the supporters back home know the address. Please inform the local media in your town, so they can follow your results. If they will know more details, please ask them to use the e-mail address:



The Scania Cup office will be located in SBBK:s usual office in T??ljehallen, the center of the tournament. Here you can be helped with almost all your problems and questions. Economic matters are also solved here. There are different offices for referees and results.

Urgent messages can be sent by e-mail or fax ??? we will put up a note close to the result boards.



Before your first game you have to check in at the Scania Cup office.

You will get a tournament program for everyone in your group ??? it contains, among other things, all game-schedules, bus times, local map etc.



Payment for guest cards, hotel cards and hotel rooms shall be done at March the 19th.

Bank account is 8327 ??? 9 33.395.390 ??? 9, SWEDBANK, S??dert??lje.

IBAN: SE52 8000 0832 7903 3395 3909


Please specify on your payment bill the number of guest cards, hotel cards etc. Remember to put your teams name on the bill.



Every team shall have an official team leader who is responsible for the team in all aspects. The name of the team leader shall be filled in on the answering form.



Scania Cup is a tournament for the best youth teams in the countries ??? an elite tournament.

The players, coaches, officials and everyone else who is involved in the tournament expects to have good behavior in all situations ??? the official team leader is responsible to talk to the players about showing good behavior and he/she is also responsible for the teams behavior.

In this letter you will find special rules for staying in the classrooms.

Risk for buglers / thief???s ??? bring all your valuables when you???re leaving your rooms ??? there is no insurance covering stolen property.

S??dert??lje Basketbollklubb has no responsibilities to compensate for stolen property.



The meals will be served in a school canteen in a building close to T??ljehallen. The times for the meals and the menu you can find in the tournament program you will get at checking in. Everyone has to bring the guest card/hotel card ??? otherwise you will not get any food.  Vegetarians and allergic persons we have to be informed about ??? please contact us if you have any vegetarians??? or/and allergic in your team.

For teams who do not buy guest- or hotel cards it is possible to buy separate meal coupons. You can order and pay your coupons before the tournament starts - or buy coupons at the tournament office. The amount for a coupon is 70 SEK.


The teams which have ordered guest cards will have a classroom of it???s own.

Remind your players to bring everything necessary for sleeping at the floor ??? mattress, sleeping bag, pillow(s) etc.

There will be people from the club in the schools ??? tell your players that they have to be ready to show those people their guest cards. We do not want to have any outside persons in the buildings.

There is one key for each classroom. We will charge a deposit ??? 100 SEK ??? for the key. The money will be returned to you when you are returning your key at the departure.

We will have two centers for classroom lodging. The main place is the schools around and close to T??ljehallen. The other center is the Igelstaviken gymnasium located appr.2 km from T??ljehallen.

The teams are expected to do a rough cleaning of the classroom before departure.



Before you are going to the hotel you shall check in at the Scania Cup office.



All bookings you have done with us you shall pay to us. 

Extra costs as room service, telephone bill, pay-TV etc. you shall pay directly to the hotel before departure.


In a couple of days you should receive a confirmation of your hotel order ??? please fill in the necessary information and send it back to us as soon as possible.



There will be tourist buses or vans taking the teams to the different gyms. The buses/Vans will depart from and arrive to T??ljehallen. Sometimes the buses can be a little bit late ??? in S??dert??lje we have a channel and there are two bridges that will be opened now and then.

The times for the buses you will find in each schedule in the tournament program ??? check your game and there you will find both the departure from T??ljehallen and also from the gym the game is played in.

The buses pass the hotels every hour.



If your team has it???s own transportation during your stay in S??dert??lje please make a note about it at the form. It is very important for our planning especially for the vans that we also use for other purposes.



We can help you with transportation from the ports and airports and we will just charge you what the bus-company will charge us. We will try to fill the buses with teams to cut down the cost as much as possible.

If you want our help please fill it in at the form.

  • For the trip to the ports in Stockholm the amount will be 80 SEK for one-way trip per person.
  • For the trip to the port of Kappelsk??r the amount will be 100 SEK for one-way trip per person
  • For the trip to the airports (Arlanda and Skavsta) the amount will be 150 SEK for one-way trip per person.

The amount should be paid in advance - or at arrival to the Tournament Office.




For all practical things before the tournament please ask for; Erik Lindell.

During the tournament ???the Scania Cup Office??? takes care of all the practical things.


There will be a jury for protests etc. ??? the members in the jury will be named in the tournament book.

The referee committee will also be named in the tournament book as well.




TELEPHONE: + 46 (0) 8 550 123 57

FAX: + 46 (0) 8 550 617 53






A warm welcome to Scania Cup and S??dert??lje !




Erik Lindell   

S??dert??lje BBK